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“At once energetic and elegiac, this is one of the last great American movies of the ’70s — which itself was one of cinema’s best decades.”–LA Times.   

“The Wanderers” in Moviemaker Magazine.   

“The Wanderers” to be re-released theatrically and on Blu-Ray by Kino Lorber.   

Kino Lorber trailer for “The Wanderers” theatrical run and Blu-ray release.   

Invasion of the Bodysnatchers- Blu-ray review.   

Invasion of the Bodysnatchers-another review of new Blu-ray.   

Satire & L’Affaire Charlie Hebdo: The Lessons of Philip Kaufman.   Read here →

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The Right Stuff – Helmer Philip Kaufman to Receive Camerimage Award..   Read here →

Behind the scenes with The Wanderer‘s Philip Kaufman.   Read here →

The Right Stuff is named for induction into the National Film Registry.   Read here →

Invasion of the Body Snatchers Blu-ray review.   Read here →

Director Philip Kaufman on what makes The Right Stuff, 30 years later.   Read here →

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The Right Stuff – 30th Anniversary Blu-ray celebrates Superheroes of a Bygone Age.   Read here →